Bob's River Place

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2878 Co Rd 340


About Listed as # 6 among the"Hidden Gems In Florida", Bob's River Place is a Popular Swimming Hole Located on the Famous Suwannee River. Described as "Swiss Family Robinson meets Wild Adventure", the Property is Decked out with Tree Houses, Rope Swings, Water Slides, Floating Sunbathing Rafts, Jumping Platforms, Log Rolling, Karaoke, Water and Land Volleyball, Floating Rafts For Playing "King of the Dock", Picnic Tables and Barbecue Grills. This is a private residence that owner, Bob Hawkins, has opened to the public. Bob's River Place is Currently Open Weekends Only (Saturdays & Sundays), 11am - 6pm.

(352) 542-7363

Here are 3 Reasons why this Place is in!...

Rope Swings

Enjoy all levels of rope swings! the very tall ones for the brave and the regular height swings for the faint of heart.

Platform Wrestling

Like to be the King of the Hill? Here you will wrestle people out the platform on the river


Whole family entertainment with our Swamp Karaoke.

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