180 Skytop Lounge

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400 W Church St


Atop the Amway Center, in a terrace style longe, one can enjoy the breath-taking sights of Orlando nightlights while enjoying of one of the most upscale nightlife places in Downtown.

(407) 913-0180

Here are 3 Reasons why this Place is in!...


From Dress Code to guarded elevator and from luxurious inner lounge to premium inside/outside VIP areas! Professional wait staff also accompany this luxurious nightlife experience.

Premium Bottle Service

Groups from 2-4 in 1Bottle minimum.
Groups up to 10 in 2 Bottle minimum.
Larger parties will require a reservation.


As you walk out of the elevator you can begin to appreciate inside lounge, but the truly amazing view is in the terrace, where you will contemplate Orlando's nightlife lights at their fullest.

In Sunshine State proudly serving since 2018.