Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar

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Disney Springs Boat Dock


One of the best places in Orlando to hang out, grab a bite and be amazed by their 1940's aviation theme. As if Indiana Jones himself had put this bar's decoration together, this place is found inside Disney Springs and features all kinds of trinkets and treasure like items all over the place. You will be in for an awesome experience.

(407) 939-6244

Here are 3 Reasons why this Place is in!...

Adventure's On!

Set out on a tour much like and Indiana Jones movie and discover hidden treasures at every sight

Signature Cocktails

Fountain of the Youth, German Mechanic & Cool-Headed Monkey are not just cool names, they are some of the best drinks in Orlando... Plus, they come with souvenirs!

Amazing Lake View

This whimsical watering hole with a covered patio overlooking the lake should definitely hit the spot for a unforgettable experience!

In Sunshine State proudly serving since 2018.