Orlando Kart Center

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10724 Cosmonaut Blvd


Looking for a great racing experience? We have the right recipe in order too meet your expectations!!! Our 6/10 mile and 8/10 mile tracks and our GoKarts with 45mph top speed will leave you speechless!!! Come and have fun racing your friends and family in our Arrive and Drive facility! No reservations required.

(407) 480-2477

Here are 3 Reasons why this Place is in!...

Fast Karts

Our Karts reach a maximum speed of up to 45mph! This will deliver a true experience of speed and adrenaline.

Arrive & Drive

No reservations required or long introductory classes! Simply come in, sign-up and drive.

Beat Records

After every race your, all your stats will be displayed by name on the screen. You can compare stats with your friends or simply try to beat your own records and our weekly records!

In Sunshine State proudly serving since 2018.