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1359 NW St Lucie West Blvd

Port St. Lucie

How’d Tijuana Flats become Tijuana Flats? Funny story, really. Back in ‘95, this college kid, Brian Wheeler, walked into a bar. Actually, a bunch of bars. (And restaurants, too.) At first, it was just harmless fun. But over time, the good times got the best of him and just going out no longer cut it. So Brian decided to open his own restaurant despite having never worked in one before (brilliant, right?). Only problem was, Brian was broke. Luckily, his parents weren’t. And after much begging and pleading, his dad loaned him $20,000 & Brian opened the first Tijuana Flats in Winter Park, Florida.


Here are 3 Reasons why this Place is in!...


We will not compromise our high standards when providing our guests with a quality, unique dining experience. We are dedicated to serving only freshly prepared food, to keeping our restaurants spotless & to providing exceptional, friendly service at all times. A high-quality work environment is equally important to us & we work hard to provide excellent training, regular feedback & a good quality of life for our teams. Professionalism will mark how we conduct ourselves in all our business affairs, earning Tijuana Flats the reputation as an honorable, first-class company.


Honesty & candor will govern both our words & actions. We will operate our business with the utmost integrity; we will keep our promises & do what is right. There will be no hidden agendas at our company: communications will be open, & we expect any issues to be brought to our attention fully & quickly. Integrity will guide how we run our restaurants, how we conduct ourselves as professionals & how we treat all of our business relationships.


We will have fun working in our restaurants & our guests will feel the high-energy, yet laid-back atmosphere. We love being on the edge. We are cool, but not trendy; crazy, but not offensive. We prefer efficient controls to inflexible rules. Most of all, we believe in the power of laughter, teamwork & friendly smiles.

In Sunshine State proudly serving since 2018.