Here is where you will find all the hidden places, awesome sights, historic monuments, romantic spots, secret hiking trails, secret hideaways and many more places that your City has. You will be able to discover your City's history and secrets, or just interesting areas that are locally recognized for their artistic, flamboyant, architectural, tribal or legendary value. This is your chance to explore how different parts of the world have affected the area you live in and embark in a trip to a foreign environment in your own backyard. City Exploration is a recollection of all these places that make your city beautiful and unique. Most of the places you will find here are free to attend and visit and relate specifically to the city you live in. City Exploration does not profit any one organization, instead, it is intended to allow the public to have an overview of all the great places that are at their disposal in their city and cities nearby. Please look for your city and enjoy everything your city has to offer.

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