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Sneak Peak

This Strip will give the public enough information to make them want to visit your Place page!

It is very important that your Place Description is very enticing, inviting and almost teasing, in order to drive traffic to your Place page, social media and ultimately your business.



This is the where your viewers will need to see and read everything about your company!

This page is  specifically designed to intrigue your viewers with key details about your Place and make them want to know more...

...we also make it easy for them to follow your social links!




VIDEO Review

In Sunshine State is the only site that provides its customers with Video Reviews that show the public how awesome their Place is!

These reviews will not only be available in our Youtube channel... they will also be available through Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews and there will be a direct link to the video in your Place Page!

This will better your reviews rating and increase you Place's exposure tenfold!


PRICE   Guarantee

We are a rapidly growing Company that will be developing new technologies and new ways to market their Places.

With this being said, the price you see today will increase as the "IN" movement becomes more and more renowned.

Make sure you secure your price today for the next 12-months, with the capability of renewing your membership at the same price once your time is up! 




FLYER Update

As opposed to news paper ads, magazine ads, TV commercials or radio commercials that will not allow you to make changes to your publicity once you have submitted it, we allow you to do it yourself any time you want!

If you see a typo or you just don't really like something in your flyer or pictures or information, you will be able to change instantly, with no fees and no hassle.

What are you waiting for?


PAGE Support

We will be closely monitoring all of our member Pages in order to provide quality services through stunning sites.

We work with our members to advise them on best image size and resolution for optimal results!

Working towards improvement is working towards the future!




THE              Standard


We are committed to our standard of quality!

Each Place will have a chance to earn their "GOLD" status through a secret shopper review, where the establishment will be graded based on key points to determine whether they deserve to be a "GOLD" Place.

The Place will receive a plaque in recognition of superior quality standards, for open display, as well as labels to allow the public to know that this Place has received the "GOLD" status.

Places that do not meet our standards will be given a copy of the review and will be allowed to  be evaluated again 3 months after their previous review date.


NETWORK          & Blog

The "IN" Network is a private community where only business owners and managers are allowed to post, comment and follow other business owners and managers.

It is the only place where you will read educated reviews and comments about your Place or establishment.

If you so desire, you can even become one of our Blog writers and inform the world about new tendencies and latest improvements in your industry while marketing your Place as a solution or in compliance with these newer requirements, styles, issues or tendencies.

You will now be able to closely connect with other businesses and network your way to success!






SOCIAL              Media Management

Our Social Media Management Team will take care of handling your social media pages without a hassle!

Our customer-oriented service will allow you to connect directly with program editor, in order to schedule posts, optimize pages, target specific audiences and engage your followers to ultimately drive sales.

Worry less about managing your social media pages and more about making your customers experience unforgettable!


LEADS               Generation

There is nothing to Social Media Pages and Accounts if you are not able to gather the information of potential customers and directly send them invitations and promotions to turn them into actual customers.

"If you are not able to generate leads from your social media, you are just posting pictures..."

Leads are generated and given to our clients on a monthly basis in a database or excel file. The client will then decide what kind of information to send to these Leads, in order to turn these potential customers into actual ones.










One of the important parts of Advertising is the Ad itself!

It has to be tailored to the specific audience it hopes to appeal to, it needs to have right amount of content without being "too much" and it has to be teasing or very attractive.

We will design 2 Ad Campaigns monthly for you. One on Instagram and one on Facebook, in order to skyrocket views, likes, followers and ultimately sales!

As far as results go, you will be able to view your success on the analytics for these sites and arrive to conclusions on the type of Ad Campaigns that really make a difference for your establishment.

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